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Why insaightGPT?

In today's fast-paced work environment, access to accurate and comprehensive information is critical to success. Discover how insaightGPT can increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work results.

Instant access to company knowledge:Forget time-consuming searches. insaightGPT provides you with precise answers and relevant information from your entire corporate data landscape within seconds.
One flexible system for all tasks:Whether it's direct questions for quick information or analytical tasks for in-depth insights, insaightGPT offers precise and efficient solutions for every requirement.
Maximizing team efficiency:Create and share prompt templates that are understandable and usable for everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. This enables the entire company to use AI effectively and work more efficiently.
Data security at the highest level: Hosted in ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany, we guarantee GDPR compliance and, thanks to the best open source models, data processing without third-party providers.

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Our price model

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Basic functions for getting to know insaight

Request access
Request access
  • Single User
  • insaight Prompt-Templates
  • eigene Prompt-Templates
  • 500 MB Knowledge Base
  • 100 MB Upload / month
  • 30 Prompts / hours
  • Direct Questions
  • Secure insaightGPT LLM

Ideal for small companies and individual teams

€25per user per month
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€20per user per month (annual payment)
Get Started
  • Team, minimum 5 user
  • 14-day risk-free trial period
  • insaight Prompt-Templates
  • own Team-Prompt-Templates
  • 50 GB Knowledge Base(s)
  • unlimited Uploads
  • unlimited Prompts
  • Direct Questions
  • Secure insaightGPT LLM
  • OpenAI ChatGPT 4 Option
  • 100% GDPR-compliant
  • Hosting in Germany

Fully customizable, maximum performance

on request
on request
  • Everything in Professional, plus:
  • OneDrive, Confluence, etc.
  • Analytical Questions
  • Text Analysis Tasks
  • Rights management
  • Customization
  • On-Premise Option
  • White Label Option
  • Own Mobile App


What is insaightGPT?

insaightGPT is a central AI knowledge platform that makes all company knowledge accessible by combining open source large language models and internal company data. It enables employees to get precise answers to their questions within seconds, including sources for further research.

How does insaightGPT find information in unstructured company data?

The platform uses advanced AI technologies to find distributed and unstructured information in company data. Using intelligent algorithms, it can identify and extract relevant content to provide precise answers.

As an employee, can I view the sources of the answers?

Yes, insaightGPT not only provides answers, but also the sources on which these answers are based. These sources are accessible with just one click, which enables in-depth research and verification of the information.

How secure is the use of insaightGPT?

Security is our top priority. The entire infrastructure of insaightGPT is operated on our own servers in ISO 27001-certified data centers in Germany, and full GDPR compliance is guaranteed. On request, insaightGPT can also be hosted 100% on-premise in your own data center.

Are external AI services used for data processing?

No, insaightGPT only uses self-hosted open source LLMs. This ensures that data is never processed by third-party AI providers such as OpenAI or used to train external models. Unless you actively choose to enable the ChatGPT option within insaightGPT.

For which areas of application is insaightGPT particularly useful?

insaightGPT is particularly suitable for research, identifying expertise, onboarding new employees and increasing team efficiency through the development and use of prompt templates.

How can prompt templates boost productivity?

Customized prompt templates can make daily tasks more efficient. They save time, simplify repetitive processes and enable every team member to achieve high-quality results.

Can insaightGPT help with decision-making?

Yes, especially by analyzing analytical questions, insaightGPT can extract comprehensive insights and trends from large amounts of data that are necessary for informed decisions.

How does insaightGPT contribute to the discovery of hidden talents in the team?

Thanks to insaightGPT's user-friendly template engine, every employee can demonstrate their skills in working with AI. This promotes the discovery and utilization of untapped potential within the team.

What are Direct Questions?

Direct Questions are designed to obtain answers within a few seconds, which can be derived directly from some existing text passages. Examples:- "Who was the head of Project Alpha?"- "What is the serial number of the printer on the third floor?"

What are Analytical Questions?

Analytical questions require a deeper analysis and evaluation of many (thousands of) text passages to gain a comprehensive understanding of a topic or problem. They are useful when decisions need to be made based on detailed information. Examples: "What trends can be derived from the sales data of the last three months?"- "How has customer demand for product A developed compared to product B?"

What are Text Analysis Tasks?

Text analysis tasks extract relevant information from large amounts of text and analyze it in order to solve a specific task on this basis. This type of task is particularly valuable when it comes to gaining insights from large amounts of data or creating summaries. Examples: "Create a summary of the most important points from the last three quarterly reports." - "Analyze customer feedback and create a list of suggestions for improving the product."