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The full potential of company data and AI is only realized through networking.

However, transferring sensitive data to third-party providers like OpenAI carries risks. We will help you identify the Large Language Models and hosting options that best meet your needs, taking into consideration your specific requirements for confidentiality and data protection, as well as the jurisdictions in which you operate.

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Our technology

With insaight, you can seamlessly and securely integrate generative AI into your day-to-day work, revolutionizing your business processes efficiently.

  • SaaS or API? The choice is yours.insaight is ready for immediate use upon request and can be made available to all your employees within hours. If you prefer to integrate it directly into your existing tools, our API systems make it easy to do so.
  • Flexible hosting and top-notch data security.insaight sets new standards in data protection and security. It can adapt to your preferred infrastructure, whether as a cloud service, on-premises, or in air-gapped networks. Our customized open-source LLMs and powerful GPU servers give you complete data control and ensure the protection of your company information.
  • Seamless integration with company datainsaight stands out for its unique ability to seamlessly connect with your corporate data. By having direct access to manuals, FAQs, corporate wikis, and compliance policies, insaight provides customized answers that truly represent your organization.
  • Find out more about our technology here

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    Customer testimonials:

    Zota_Volker_square-1.jpgDr. Volker ZotaEditor-in-chief heise online
    Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-24 um 17.51.59.png
    "The collaboration with insaight during the implementation of our AI chatbot was exceptional: their expertise, understanding of our requirements and commitment to GDPR-compliant hosting convinced us. The mutual exchange of ideas, the constructive acceptance of suggestions and the impressive know-how, even in complex topics such as the operation and benchmarking of open source language models, were particularly noteworthy."
    christiane strasse.jpegDr. Christiane StrasseCEO, Chem2Market GmbH
    Plants2Market Health Ingredients.png
    "Insaight has helped us to combine our experience in the field of plant extracts with the latest AI technology, which brings tangible added value to our customers."
    1517363382579.jfifDr. Markus SöteCIO Otto Krahn Group
    Otto Krahn.jfif
    "The workshop gave us deep insights into the functionalities, but also into the strengths and weaknesses of LLMs such as ChatGPT, Llama etc.. This helped us a lot in defining and planning use cases for practical application in the company.

    The workshop offers immediate added value for anyone who is concerned with this topic beyond the media hype."
    eric diebold.jpegEric DieboldBoard Member, Finanzloge AG
    "With Insaight's on-premise solution, we at Finanzloge AG get the benefits of advanced generative AI without compromising on security."
    sebastian lugert.jpegSebastian LugertManaging Director, Lugert Verlag
    "Insaight's practical advice and innovative technology help us to realize our vision in the education sector."
    Thomas Promny.jpegThomas PromnyCEO, Trailblazer Group
    "Insaight has revolutionized the way we organize B2B events with their AI expertise. They have helped us to create an innovative and interactive experience for our attendees."

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