Interested in generative AI but struggling to find actual points of contact?

Our workshop is designed to help you and your team gain a solid understanding of generative AI and develop specific use cases for its application in your company.

  • Tailored to you and your teamWe provide an in-depth introduction to generative AI, customized to your team's prior knowledge and industry-specific needs. Our experts will equip you with valuable knowledge, ranging from the basics to advanced applications.
  • Practice-oriented use case developmentDuring the workshop, we collaborate with you to create tailored use cases that address the challenges and goals of your company. Experience firsthand how generative AI solutions can be implemented and optimized in real business scenarios.
  • Internal expertise and sustainable developmentOur workshop empowers your team members to become internal AI experts. They will gain the skills necessary to utilize and further develop generative AI within your organization. These internal capabilities will enable your employees to drive innovation and effectively apply AI solutions.
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Then let us deepen your interest and discover how generative AI can transform your business.